CAD (Computer Aided Design)

      We are specialized in CAD (Computer Aided Design). With the help of modern design systems we create virtual models, which can form the basis of different load simulations, package investigations or real models, investigated in wind tunnel.
      Our engineers, who gained work experience abroad, guarantee widely up-to-date knowledge from the first conceptions to the mass production.
      When completing a design task, construction directions are kept to ensure, that the models we make, suit in the method our customer flexible.

We successfully participate in the work of certain constructor divisions to solve capacity problems occurred.

     Applied softwares:

      Our company has 6 (High-end) Sun workstations of big capacity. With the renting of workstations we help our customers to solve capacity problems occurred.

      With the help of 3D Scanner, our engineers make surface - volume models from various components efficiently.

    We hope that you shall be one of our clients soon.